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Thoughts for Thursday (09/24/2020)- Pumpkin Spice PCs

Another Thursday is here on our delightful journey through a year like no other. Do you know there are only 14 more Thursdays left in the year, including the fabled Eves of both Christmas and New Year’s? Only 14… How does a year that had months that felt like they had 87 days in them seem to also fly by so quickly at the same time? Maybe it coincides with my entering the twilight chapter of life? When you get to my advanced years, everything takes longer than it used to (seriously, I need at least 30 minutes to get out of bed in the morning), but at the same time, the day is gone before you know it. By the time my morning coffee is finished, it’s nearly time for my 3:30pm dinner and then comes my reasonable 7:30pm bedtime. It is a miracle I get anything done in the few short hours of consciousness that I have, but I digress.

In my last “Thoughts for Thursday”, I mentioned my love of Fall and concerns as to how this year would potentially screw that up big time. I’m working through my apprehension and today we announced our newest Seasonal Custom Computer Special- Our Pumpkin Spice PC. You can see the details in an earlier post from today and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this “Game Changing” offering. Get your pre-orders in before supplies run out. We only have like 7 pumpkins in stock and some of them look a little iffy already. I also hate scooping out the guts so if you guys aren’t going to order them, I’m not going to clean them. I may follow this up with a Thanksgiving PC special, but shoving all the computer parts up a Turkey’s Butt is proving a challenge, so we’ll have to see.

I have decided to retire the Facebook “How to Wear Your Masks Properly” cover photo and try to add a more festive feel to the page. I have no problem with this, as long as no one out there thinks this means you don’t need to continue wearing for the time being. That is not the case. I’m as sick of it as anyone, but we will continue to Mask-Up and require it of our devoted customers for now. Don’t make me put the picture back up, ok? I need some variety. We are also maintaining our current store schedule- Monday-Saturday: 10am to 6pm; Closed Sundays. It seems to work reasonably well with our customer’s availability and schedule as well as my aforementioned 7:30pm bedtime. In the upcoming days/weeks- I will be putting together more posts that are actually relevant to the business itself (shocking, I know). With actual offerings that you may want to consider for upgrading or replacing your tech, back-up and security services, and even Microsoft Office specials that people have been asking about. I’ll see what I can squeeze in between dinner and bedtime.

I need to wrap this up for today, we just took an order for a PSPC (Pumkin Spice PC), so I guess I have to start carving and scooping. No one else wants to do it and they keep pointing out it was my stupid idea so whatever. Every great innovator was mocked at some point. No one appreciates true geniusness.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe— Uncle Steve

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