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Thoughts for Thursday (06/29/2023) The Return of Bea

Bea Returns for a Special Thoughts for Thursday

Since it has been almost exactly 3 years since I last asked my GrandDog Bea to take over my TfT, I figured it was long overdue. Let’s see how she’s doing and what new thoughts she has for everyone.

1. Grrrrd morning once again humans. 2. I am much bigger than last time I write this. Soon I will be like my hero, Clifford. But cuter. 3. My humans often bring friends to visit me. It is best part of their day. 4. Last night I hear big noise when everyone sleeping. I do my job and alert humans to big noise. I am not appreciated. 5. Attention please! Give me your attention. That is the message. 6. TV dogs must be borked at. It is a rule. 7. Since last time I write this, I take my humans outside much more. Going out is fun, but staying home is still funner. 8. Sometimes I will make borks at nothing. This is a rehearsal. 9. The best things in life are free

. Like belly rubs. 10. I am confused why my humans treasure my poop so much. They collect all of it for some secret reason. This is a concern. 11. Bath is a four letter word. 12. I am sure the squirrels are plotting something terrible. I will keep observing them. 13. I asked you to stop with the fireworks. Why do I have to tell you again? 14. I have so many toys. I give extras to shelter puppies. This is a good thing. 15. My very best friend that lived with me, the cat called “Radar”, does not come to play anymore. I miss him. My humans were very sad the d

ay he left. I did my best to make them happy, but sometimes sad wins. 16. Love with your whole self, and bite anyone who doesn’t. 17. My hair covers everything. It is my gift to you. 18. We found a ball at the park today. It was a great day. 19. There was a chimkin nugget left alone on a plate. It is now missing. No other information is available. 20. I think humans are like my toys, no matter how tough they look, if you tear them open, you find a tiny squeaker inside. 21. My human only had one bag for our walk today, but I had two poops. They are not good at maths. 22. If you leave this r

oom to go to another, I will go with. Everything is more fun together. 23. So many smells, so little time. 24. My human forgot they had already given me dinner and gave me second dinner. Best. Day. Ever. 25. My humans keep making me do videos for them. I deserve a raise. 26. Today I did many naps. Worked out great. I will try this again tomorrow. 27. All dogs are good, but only a few are great. Like me for instance. 28. I found a good stick today but it broke in half. Now I have two sticks! 29. A new person we met on our walk today did not pet me. My human says that’s ok. I do not agree. 30. Car rides are the best thing. Except when we go to the one they call the Vet. This is not the best thing. 31. I still do not know who the good girl is they keep asking about. The mystery continues.

Thanks for the help, Bea!

Until next time, Be Well and Stay Safe

Uncle Steve

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