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Thoughts for Thursday (09/10/2020)- Thoughts on Me

A very happy “Thoughts for Thursday” or “TFT” to everyone! I hope today finds all of you quite safe and healthy as we navigate through whatever the rest of 2020 holds for us.

Fall is dead ahead (my favorite time of year) and with it, the stretch run of events and holidays that will now be altered by Covid just like everything else has been this year (Whoo Freakin’ Hoo).

Before I descend into a rant about my General Malaise (Not a military leader- I Googled It), I would like to firmly establish some well-known facts about my personality and disposition.

People who know me at all understand that I am the last to complain in any situation (Cough, cough). Steadfast, Stalwart, Positive, Cheerful, Sanguine (Google again), “Bon Vivant” (Hi Mrs. VanderWoude! Best French Teacher Ever!), are all words that could be used to describe me. 17 Magazine may have referred to me as “The most up-beat and optimistic person anyone has ever met”, and I am a 3-time winner of the “Perkiest Business Owner of the Year Award” (as far as you know).

Now, having firmly established these unassailable and inviolable (Google getting a workout) facts, it should be shocking to anyone that I, like many of you, am getting just a bit downtrodden (disheartened, discouraged, dispirited?)

I honestly know how fortunate I have been through all this. I go to work and my business is thankfully surviving while so many others have not been as lucky. The door to Computer Greeks is open from 10am to 6pm, Monday-Saturday with an amazing selection of New and Refurbished Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Accessories and the World’s Finest Repair Services (see what I did there), and our customers are the greatest (sincerely). My family and I are healthy with nothing significant to complain about other than my typical “how did I get this old and out of shape” issues that many of us have. And what is with “Out of Shape”? Pear is a shape, isn’t it?

But despite attempting to keep the proverbial “Bright Side” in my sights, the advent of what is usually the Festive Fall season and my accompanying Happy Thoughts about it are being threatened by the imposing reality of how everything might just suck.

A Halloween with nary a Trick nor a Treat? Thanksgiving with families in isolation eating Hungry-Man Turkey Dinners? (Ok, those are actually delicious! But what exactly is Compote?). Apple picking while wearing hazmat suits and disinfecting each apple before it is carefully placed into its government approved Covid-safe storage container while wearing gloves and diligently watching any other apple pickers to ensure they don’t violate my 6 ft safety zone? Sounds like good times, amirite?

So these thoughts keep creeping into my mind and with them, a somewhat fatalistic and predestinarian (Google is getting worn out) mood keeps stalking me.

But despite all of my misgivings (Could be a working name change for that November holiday? Happy Misgivings?), I will attempt to redouble my efforts to drag some Festive Joy out of the 2020 Fall season, even if it comes kicking and screaming.

To that end, I would welcome any of your thoughts on how to make the upcoming season the best for all of us. For example: my GrandDog Bea was looking forward to her first Halloween. When we told her what Trick or Treating was, she could not believe that one day a year, something she is never allowed to do would actually be required, going door to door to meet complete strangers who were legally required to give her pats, attention, and most importantly, treats. (It’s in the freakin’ Name!). So if somehow as I expect, complete strangers may not be comfortable this year opening their doors to wandering bands of tiny people and their canine companions, I will make sure that Bea has the chance to dress up and visit every room in my home to be greeted by someone who will give her all the pats, attention, and treats she can stand. Even if that someone has to be me in various disguises and accents to provide the full effect of the Trick or the Treat process.

After that, I’ll figure out how we make a Zoom Thanksgiving work as well I suppose. Strange Days Indeed.

Reply with your ideas and as always, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.

Forever Perky, Uncle Steve

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