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Thoughts for Thursday (08/27/2020)- Thoughts on Home School

Happy "Thoughts for Thursday" for August 27th. If anyone was disappointed that I missed last week's post (I'm reliably unreliable), my defense is that Facebook updated the interface and it took me a week to find the new "Post" button. But I've got it now so here we go- First, some updates:

Our current hours of Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm seem to be working well for everyone (although to be honest, I kinda liked the shorter days). The locked door has not been the aggravation it was just a few short months ago so all seems well.

I can thankfully say that the "Great Mask Controversy" has not been a real issue within the realm that is Computer Greeks, and I could not be more relieved. I know there is still a great deal of heated arguments, resentment, and contention over these policies, but it appears that our community has (for the most part) risen above and are just doing what they can. Thank you to everyone for making my days slightly less aggravating. Much appreciated.

It's "Back to School" season, although currently it appears to be more Back to Home School for now. Again, 2020 has given us yet another pandemic related twist that we can all argue over until we are sick of hearing about it- Hooray! On the business side, Computer Greeks is working hard to make sure we have the inventory and resources to help keep people who need to go to school from home or continue working from home, up and running. We are well stocked in laptops, desktops, monitors, webcams, printers, and are spending a great deal of time providing remote services for whatever you may need. We will continue to do our best to keep up and adapt as things change, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like things are going to change much for now. But enough with the commercial for the finest Computer Store in the world... On the issue at hand of Home vs In Person School- I will tell you that I do try to see both sides (as is the case with almost everything- except for that Pineapple on Pizza debate- there is only 1 right side there). My wife (Hiya!) works in the school district and I still have one child in college (Hi, Sage!), so I do have a vested interest in their safety. We decided my son should only take on-line classes this term and given what has already happened at Notre Dame, UNC, and many other institutions, I'm pretty sure that was a good choice. I'm not one of the many who have younger children in school and are desperately trying to weigh the choices of wanting a quality education for their children with a safe academic environment, while at the same time dealing with how to care for children at home when you have to be at work as well. No easy answers here (like anything about this year has been easy). I do know that I have never met a parent who didn't want the best for the kids and hopefully, everyone's safety can be properly balanced with providing a quality education at the same time. Let's hope the schools can get their act together and deliver an e-learning experience that the children deserve. But enough of my thoughts on this (although it is in the title after all)..

Instead- here is an attempt at finding some humor in another issue that will be around for a while... Here are the best of How is Home School Going?

-Two students were suspended today for fighting -The lunch lady quit after the first day -A teacher has been fired for drinking on the job -A student has put in for a transfer to another school -Bath-time is now considered a Marine Biology Fieldtrip -Lunch time has been changed to "Independent Culinary Instruction". -Talking to yourself can now be considered a Parent-Teacher conference -Are Snow Days still a thing? -Who knew the hardest thing about this Pandemic would be 4th grade math -If mommy has 3 bottles of wine and it is only Tuesday, how many children can she home school and for how long before she needs to run out to the store? -Search "Documentary" on Netflix and you're good for a while -The kids aren't allowed in the kitchen if it's now the "Teacher's Lounge". -Spirit Week starts off today with Meltdown Monday! -Today's classes: Honors Laundry and AP Vacuuming -After homeschooling a 6 and 8 year old for 57 minutes, teachers deserve a million dollars a week for this -Everyday is Crazy Hair Day -First day of home school and my kid called in sick -Is repeating a grade a possibility?

A safe and healthy week to all... Uncle Steve

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