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Thoughts for Thursday (08/13/2020)- Thoughts on Masks Yet Again

Quick Updates: 1- My apologies for not posting last week- I was laid up with a bad back. I hurt it being alive, so I guess that’s just something I need to be careful of at my age. 2- Our current store hours are now super easy to remember- Monday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm. Closed Sunday. See- isn’t that way easier than Monday 10:48 to 4:19, Tuesday from 1:99am to Dusk, … 3- Limited electronics recycling is available- Computers and related items only. No appliances or TVs for now. I know this has disappointed many people trying to clean out their homes, but you guys realize we are a freakin’ Computer Shop. I didn’t open a TV and Microwave recycling center. We added the recycling because of the demand and need given everyone else stopped doing it and I’m glad to offer the service when able. But for now, limited is what I can do. Maybe consider using the old TVs to create a modern art piece? Could be the Pandemic Hobby you were looking for. 4- Bea, my GrandDog, is doing great! Her heart surgery went perfectly and her follow up with the vet seems to confirm no more Heart Murmur. Now if we could just get her to understand the whole potty training thing. I’m getting a bit tired of the number of times I now say Pee-Pees and Poo-Poos every day while pleading with a creature that I’m sure is just laughing at me. 5- And a final update using a word that I am even more sick of using than Pee-Pees and Poo-Poos: Masks. Never in my wildest nightmares did I ever think that this would turn into the Nationwide conflict it has become. The great news is that we have had no issues with our customers lately. An occasional reminder when someone walks in without a mask on or a minor annoyance when asked to wear it properly (having a mask with you is a good start, just not quite the entire goal mind you). I did have an incident with a FedEx delivery guy. Some of our delivery people come in without masks, but they walk in, drop their packages and leave quickly without interacting, so I haven’t made an issue of it. But this guy… Came in without a mask as usual, then proceeded to spend nearly 5 minutes talking to the person working the counter about how useless the masks are and how he never wears one and how he had only been yelled at 1 time for behaving this way. I came out from the back and made sure his new total was 2. But this is nothing compared to what you see on the news. People being shot at? Attacked? Berated and Assaulted? This is insane. I said it early on when this started and the idea of wearing a mask or not was debated in terms of safety, not as a challenge to our freedom. I heard all of the arguments and kept coming to one simple conclusion: it’s not a big deal to wear one. If it helps, great. If you think it doesn’t, you can still wear one. I’d rather err on the side of being too cautions that not careful enough and none of this actually brings in the real facts and evidence that should convince most people. Our world seems to have evolved into one where you can seek out whatever “proof” you want for the “facts” you already believe no matter what side you sit on. Facebook is a great source of people spreading opinions as facts and honestly I’m too busy and too damn tired to argue over this with people who won’t consider that they might be wrong anyway. It’s a waste of time. So back to the first point and my original conclusion. Wear a mask. It isn’t too much to ask. (Hey look, it rhymes so that’s a bonus).

Now, on to computer related stuff and new thoughts:

People often ask me how often should they have us go through their computers to make sure everything is updated, secure, and running properly. Normally, I would suggest ever 2-3 days, but given that this would be a bit expensive for the typical budget, a better answer is Once a Year. I make the comparison to maintaining your furnace. Get it checked out and cleaned up every year to make sure it’s running properly and safely. And let’s be honest, your computer is even more important. You can’t use your furnace to post on Facebook now can you?

Windows 7 is dead. It died January 14th of this year when Microsoft ended all standard support. I’ve argued and pleaded with anyone still using a Windows 7 system to see if it can be upgraded to Windows 10 or if not, replaced, for almost a year now. Some of you have not listened to my dire warnings so here I go one more time. If you have a Windows 7 computer, stop using it right now (Unless you’re reading this post on it then go ahead and finish reading first). It’s not safe. You’ll regret it. Bad things will happen. What bad things you ask? Stuff. Bad Stuff. Like Virus infections, Malware, Scams, Identity Theft type things and even worse. You could forget your garage code and probably stub your pinky toe and your bread will go moldy before the sell by date. Don’t risk it! We can help prevent these disasters. Consider yourselves warned.

Do you remember Places? I miss going to Places. They were fun. What old time places do any of you remember that don’t exist anymore and if you told a 20-something about them, they would look confused and need an explanation? Like “Old Chicago” or “Swallow Cliff” toboggan slides or Howard Johnsons, or JCPenney? Good times.

I have another repairman on the way so I will continue another time- a Happy and Healthy week to everyone.

Uncle Steve

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