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Thoughts for Thursday (07/23/2020) Updates for All

I want to welcome all of you who are kind enough to be reading this back to my “Thoughts for Thursday” series of posts. I had hoped it would be easier to keep up with getting these updated, but the last few weeks life has been a bit more demanding than usual. For those who anxiously waited for an update on my Grandog Bea, here you go-

As I hope you remember, Bea, possibly the world’s cutest dog, was found to have a congenital heart defect known as “PDA”. Thankfully, it was correctable with surgery, so last week we traveled to the U of I vet center for her to be evaluated and then operated on. That is what my family and I were doing last week. After a few days of anxiety and worry, everything seems to have gone as well as we could have hoped. They were able to complete the procedure and send us home for her to rest and recover. Bea, having been a hyperactive puppy before her heart was working at 100%, has had other ideas. If you have never tried to enforce “cage rest” on a Crazed Corgi, I do not recommend it. When the medicine they send her home with to “sedate” her, instead makes her even more Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, good luck. But thankfully, she should be just fine and that is certainly what is important. So, update completed.

Store News: The store is now open what should be our “normal” hours for a while- 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. It’s not quite the schedule we had before all of this nonsense began, but hopefully it offers enough hours and flexibility to keep up with the work we need to do and allow our customers convenient times to visit when needed. Additionally, we are still accepting only computer related recycling, are limiting customers to the front of the store to allow us to keep it sanitized properly and are not resuming regular on-site service for now. Our remote services have been able to fill the gap for almost everything that would have routinely been an on-site service.

Moving On: I have a question for everyone. This year has been a challenge for businesses that is almost unprecedented. Adapting to the changes has become a priority for us and wanting to know what we can do or do better, is my question. So, what would you like? What do you need? What can we sell or fix or help with that we might not have thought about? I will be glad to consider almost anything that makes sense, so any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. You can post your ideas here or email me directly at I will be sure to update everyone next week, as long as life doesn’t get in the way again.

Hope the week ahead is safe for all... Uncle Steve

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