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Thoughts for Thursday (07/02/2020)- Bea Has Thoughts

Since the picture of my new GrandDog got more replies and more attention than my “Thoughts for Thursday” post from last week (thanks a lot by the way), I’ve handed today’s post over to her. “Bea’s Thoughts for Thursday” 07-02-2020

  1. Grrrrrd morning humans.

  2. The humans who live with me keep complaining about “4am is too early to be up”, need to learn what 4am is.

  3. There is no such thing as an ankle that isn’t worth biting.

  4. All the toys you bought me are great, but this sock I found in your room is so much better.

  5. People wearing face masks can be scary, but the ones who don’t wear them are even scarier.

  6. Yesterday must have been what my humans call a “lazy day”, they wore their sleep clothes all day and I walked around without my collar on, naked.

  7. There is no good reason to ever set off fireworks.

  8. My humans lock a gate to keep me out of some places. I have learned that once I pull on it and see it is locked, continuing to pull on it over and over again would be stupid.

  9. When I do the “Biiiig Stretch”, does it even count if someone isn’t there to say, “Biiiig Stretch”?

  10. I must find out Who the Good Girl is.

  11. The one who lives here they call The Cat is my very best friend. He does not seem to agree.

  12. I often get picked up to join my Mom’s video calls, all the faces on the magic screen cheer when they see me. I am the reason she has a job.

  13. I know you hid a pill inside that cheese. What happened to the honesty in our relationship?

  14. I love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  15. Feed me.

  16. My two Best Frens are Crinkles McDragon and Liberty Head Ball. Having Frens is good.

  17. When you walk out of the room, I will follow you wherever you go. Life’s an adventure and we must go together.

  18. Today I found half of a treat I forgot about under the couch! Don’t give up on your dreams.

  19. Sometimes after I beg, we go outside. Then I realize it was inside I wanted after all.

  20. When my human they call Grandpa come home from work, I greet him because I know his day was hard.

  21. There are many words my humans use that I do not understand yet like, “No, Drop It, Quit It, and Stop Biting my Toes you little…”, maybe I learn them tomorrow.

  22. I like to play a game where I pee outside, but save a little for when we come back in. My human seems to enjoy this.

  23. My humans seem worried about this “Virus” they talk about. I vote we all stay home whenever we can. Home is great, it has all my toys.

  24. Sometimes I wake up from my nap and start another nap right away. I have invented this.

  25. Yesterday I got stuck under the couch, house alert level was set to Red. I was saved.

  26. I like to chew on my fren Crinkles McDragon and toss him around. He doesn’t seem to mind. I’m told that’s what frens do.

  27. I drank almost all my water this morning. I looked now and my bowl is full again. Only explanation: magic bowl.

  28. I bork because I am.

  29. My human likes to ask, “What have you got now?” many times a day. This is a game we play.

  30. I must nap now, typing with paws is hard.

Bea the Dog

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