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Thoughts for Thursday (06/25/2020)- Thoughts on Covid

I'm sick of masks. I'm sick of wearing them, seeing them, and most of all, sick of talking about them. I want to discuss computer stuff and summer and sales and fun and anything else for the love of God. I feel like an obsessed parent who has to keep checking up on their toddler to make sure they aren't getting into trouble. Look both ways, hold my hand, don't put that in your mouth! My kids are grown and with the exception of the tiny puppy (Hi Bea!) that joined my household last week, I haven't had to be that guy in a long time. My thoughts last week were meant to take a break from the overwhelming concerns that COVID-19 continues to create. I had some fun talking about locked doors and poorly worn face coverings, but I would love to move on and joke about some new things. Except COVID-19 and the occasional spoiled brat of a customer won't seem to let me (Hi there Mr. storm out rather than wear a mask guy! I miss you!). Illinois is doing a pretty good job keeping things under control. We are about to enter Phase 4 as many businesses open up or relax many restrictions and so now was the time to rethink our hours and restrictions as well. (I will post updates in the near future.) But here's the thing, this isn't over. I know we all want it to be, but in reality, until there is a vaccine, this isn't going to go away and we are really still figuring out how to adapt.

Here is an excerpt from a CNN article earlier today:

The coronavirus pandemic isn't expected to ease throughout the summer and an updated model shows the importance of being cautious and wearing masks.

If you're heading outside of the house, cover your face.

"Not wearing a mask in public is like driving drunk," Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at George Washington University, Dr. Jonathan Reiner said.

The latest coronavirus projection from the University of Washington says more than 179,000 Americans will die by October 1.

If masks are worn universally, researchers say the death toll could drop by about 33,000 more.

"For pretty much every state that we've looked at if we can get people to wear masks we can not only save lives but I sort of think of it as we can also save the economy because we can keep business going," University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Dr. Chris Murray said.

This comes as more than half of the U.S. is seeing an increase in week-to-week cases with records being set in California, Florida, and Texas for single day coronavirus case reports.

"You need to understand COVID-19 is still here, it's spreading faster than ever before," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said.

Health experts say progress is being made on a vaccine, but, in the meantime, erring on the side of caution is best.

"We have evidence, early evidence, that masks can reduce transmission even up to six-fold," said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent. "I think it's clear that they can save lives."

There you have it. I'm not making this stuff up. Wearing masks saves lives. Holding your parents hand while crossing the street instead of letting your kids run out into traffic, saves lives. Go figure. And some kids hate it. No! I'm big enough to do it myself! I don't need to listen to you! You are a big boy aren't you? You can still hold my hand though, Ok? If you're so big now, maybe I need to hold your hand? See- that works too. Whatever it take I guess.

So, to sum up yet again: For the time being, all employees at Computer Greeks as well as any customers who would like to enter our delightful business, will be required to wear proper face covering worn properly in a proper manner properly approved by me. Whether the state continues to enforce it or simply makes it a strong recommendation is irrelevant. I don't plan to put this up to a vote either. I'll continue to do what I believe is best for everyone concerned. What I'm asking of you, my customers, is so little I can't believe I have to keep justifying it to some out there. Wear the freakin' mask, will you. If that's the worst thing that you have to go through in your day then you are amazingly blessed! And if after all of the evidence and my words fall on deaf ears and you still feel so strongly about doing it "your way", then you can do that too. Just not in my store.

Note: we have a mask available for anyone who might have forgotten when they need to come in.

Look both ways, we'll hold each other's hands, and we'll get through this together.

Uncle Steve

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