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Thoughts for Thursday (06/18/2020)- 25 Useless Thoughts

In a departure from any thoughts about Locked Doors, Mask Wearing, or the more serious issues we face right now, today I present my actual "Thoughts for Thursday":

1- I really wish high school had offered a class in Personal Finances and Tax Prep instead of Geometry 2.

2- I spend more time Googling phone numbers that call me than actually answering the phone.

3- As a kid, "Because I said so" seemed so unfair, as an adult, It makes complete sense.

4- My social life was pretty close to "Quarantine" to start with.

5- I will never get back all of the time I spent trying to fold a fitted sheet.

6- The Olympics should have 1 "Regular" person compete in each event for the sake of comparison.

7- I've woken up every morning for almost 20,000 days and I'm still terrible at it.

8- Christmas went from feeling like a magical holiday to a deadline.

9- They make "Do Not Touch" signs in Braille.

10- Kids today will never know what it's like to live your life not knowing the answer to some random piece of trivia- "I think Tom Cruise was born in Colorado" or the correct lyrics to a song- "I'm not talkin' 'bout the Linen".

11- Why aren't history classes longer now than they were 50 years ago?

12- How do Deer know to use the "Deer Crossing" locations?

13- They need to have Billionaire contestants on the Price is Right. I want to see if they think the price of RiceARoni is more than $50.

14- Why is the phrase "Tuna Fish" normal, but not "Chicken Bird"?

15- If people could fly, it would be considered exercise and most wouldn't do it.

16- Nothing makes me feel as old as how far I have to scroll down when entering my birth year on a website.

17- We don't make "U" turns, we make "n" turns.

18- When babies are born, we post their weight and length, much like when we're fishing.

19- If a Pinata doesn't break, it's broken.

20- How much time has to pass for Grave Robbing to become Archeology?

21- Someone wearing a Ski Mask is more likely to be robbing a place than skiing.

22- The ocean has meat, salt and veggies in it- it's basically Soup.

23- You never hear much about the Original "Zealand".

24- It never says that Humpty Dumpty was an egg.

25- Do regular dogs see Police Dogs and think, uh oh, it's the cops?

There you go- 25 completely useless thoughts that let you forget about how crazy things are right now.

Back to work...

Uncle Steve

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