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Thoughts for Thursday (06/11/2020)- Look Out for Each Other

A bit serious today- sorry, but I'm not finding this funny right now.

I've been hoping to move forward and start talking about something new rather than what has been the theme for several months now, COVID-19 and how it has changed what we do and how we do it. I'm ready to be over this as I'm sure all of you are, but we aren't. Not yet.

It seems that with the country opening back up, everyone wants to believe things are better and safer and we can start returning to a semblance of normalcy. Since the beginning of June, we are seeing a much greater anger and irritation from some that we aren't open a normal schedule and that we are still requiring people to wear masks, practice social distancing, and use some common sense. I get it, I'm sick of it too! Some of our neighboring states have almost completely reopened and the general thought is, why not us? It isn't fair that the other kids get to go out and play and I have to still be grounded! I didn't do anything wrong, my dad is just a jerk and he's super mean! Such frustration, much drama.

I still have to keep hearing people argue everything from COVID-19 is fake and a political scam to the masks don't do anything and I'm an idiot for making people wear them. Well whether I'm an idiot or not isn't being debated (spoiler- yeah, pretty much), the mask part and safety precautions are a different matter.

Here's the real news if you can stand it: (I hate watching the news, amirite?) New cases in the US: Tuesday-17,304; Wednesday-25,510 Deaths in the US: Tuesday- 819; Wednesday- 1,082

Texas, a state that reopened much earlier: New cases Tuesday- 588; Wednesday- 4,135 Deaths Tuesday- 4; Wednesday- 52

Illinois: New cases Tuesday- 776; Wednesday- 621 Deaths Tuesday- 94; Wednesday- 77

Obviously, this doesn't tell the whole story. It's a tiny sample and is designed to make a point. It's not over no matter how much we want it to be. If you want to convince yourself everything is all better, go ahead, but heading out and acting like life is back to normal and being pissed at anyone who doesn't want to play along is absurd.

This isn't hard to understand. People are sick of being quarantined, told what they can or can't do, want to go out and eat, see a movie, go to the beach, have a life! Me too! I just don't want myself or anyone else to regret being so impatient and spoiled, that we make things any worse than they already are. So for the time being, we will continue to have some limitations to what we do and when we do it. We will continue to keep a limit of 2 customers in the store at one time. We will continue to limit recycling and require masks be properly worn, and I hope that people will be patient and understanding. It's what I believe is the right thing and genuinely, not much to ask of people. And for those that don't agree and want to voice their anger, go ahead. You have every right to think and feel how you choose. As long as you're wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance while you do.

Looking forward to better days for all.

Uncle Steve

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