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Thoughts for Thursday (06/04/2020)- The Year So far

Well we've made it to June, so that's good I hope? I think I've felt that way with every new month this year. Unfortunately, it seems the current month has taken it as a challenge to top whatever insanity the previous month could come up with, so God knows.

As I was considering what I wanted to share with everyone today, two things became obvious to me: 1- It's getting more and more difficult to be optimistic with every passing day and 2- I couldn't even remember all of the events of this year that have made up the roller-coaster ride we have all been on so far. So, in a bit of a departure from my normal posts (way more serious/way less funny), I would like to present a reminder of what 2020 has given us so far, followed by a personal request for anyone who sticks with reading this nonsense and finally, an attempt to lighten the mood. Here is an incomplete summary of 2020:

Jan 2: Australia is on Fire- after months of deadly wildfires killing an estimated 1 Billion animals, a third state of emergency is declared. Jan 2: US drone strike kills Iranian General Soleimani. Jan 7: The World Health Organization is notified of the novel coronavirus in China. Jan 8: Iran launches ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq, injuring American soldiers, retaliation for the drone strike. Jan 8: Iran shoots down a Ukrainian Passenger jet killing 176. Jan 11: First death from coronavirus in China. Jan 16: Impeachment trial begins for the President. Jan 20: First US coronavirus case is reported. Jan 26: Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi, and 7 others die in helicopter crash. Jan 31: UK leaves the European Union. Feb 5: President acquitted by the Senate. Feb 24: Weinstein found guilty. Mar 10: Italy implements nationwide lockdown for coronavirus. Mar 11: WHO declares coronavirus a Pandemic. Mar 13: US declares National Emergency Mar 16: Dow drops almost 3000 points. Mar 24: Olympics postponed Apr 2: Coronavirus cases surpass 1 Million worldwide. Apr 9: New York has more coronavirus cases than any Country in the world. Apr 16: Worldwide cases of Coronavirus top 2 Million. Apr 19: Killing spree in Nova Scotia, Canada. 17 dead. Apr 29: South Korean construction fire kills 70+. May 10: Worldwide cases of Coronavirus top 4 Million. May 15: JCPenney declares bankruptcy. May 25: George Floyd killed in police custody. May 26: Protests begin over the killing of George Floyd with riots reported nationwide over the following days.

Alright, if you're still here and haven't moved on to something less depressing like literally anything else, here's what I have for you. I'm usually a fairly optimistic type although many who know me would argue that (I've been referred to as "Eeyore" at times). In reality, I may not be the most outwardly Peppy and Perky individual, but I genuinely try to keep a good perspective on things and look on the proverbial "Bright Side". I am amazingly fortunate that I and my family are all healthy and together during all of this and that my business is surviving (Would be nice to get to the 25 year celebration in 11 months). I try to keep the big picture in mind and not sweat the small stuff but seriously! WTH (What the Heck- sanitized for sensitive readers). Maybe I'm just a little more worn out that usual or maybe this morning I needed a third cup of coffee? Not sure, but here's what I would like from any one of you kind enough to take the time- Tell me something Good! Anything! A Positive Story. An Uplifting Proverb. Your Favorite Recipe. A Joke. A Kindness. Something that helped you stay positive and keep up your hope and optimism. I have literally never asked for a comment or a share and I despise the "repost this to cure your rhematism" junk that shows up in Social Media, but this time I'll make an exception.

I will begin with an old dumb joke that came to mind:

One day, a man walking along the beach sees an unexpected sight. There in front of him is another man with a Peg Leg, a Hook for a Hand, and an Eye Patch over one eye.

Not wanting to be rude, but too curious to just walk away, he approaches the figure and says, "I'm sorry, but I just have to ask, what happened to you?"

"Well, I be a Pirate", the man claims. "There be a terrible storm when I fell overboard only to be spied by a shark, and before I could be brought aboard, he took a big bite out of me, and that's why I has a Peg for a Leg".

"That's horrible" exclaimed the first man. "What's with the hook".

"That be from a sword fight some years back", the pirate said. "I ended the victor, but not before's he took off me hand, and that's why I has a Hook for a Hand".

"And the Eye Patch?"

"One day I was walking along this here beach, when I looks up and a bird he pooped in me eye".

"Well that sounds terrible, but how did you lose the eye"?

"It was my first day out with the Hook."

And with that, I look forward to whatever you may have to offer.

Uncle Steve

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