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Thoughts for Thursday (05/28/2020)- The Saga of the Locked Door Continues...

Another week gone by and another "Thoughts for Thursday" for anyone who has a few minutes to waste.

1: I had hoped the "Saga of the Locked Door" would have run its course, but last Tuesday shows there are new chapters still to be told. Let's be clear- I understand that we modified our hours a few months ago and realize it can still be confusing as to when we are open. We do our best to keep people updated (Spoiler- more updates coming later in this post), but unfortunately, you can't reach everyone. So, when 2 cars pull up to the store at nearly the exact same time, 3 hours before we open, I feel bad that people are being inconvenienced, but a Pandemic will do that to you I guess.

Man from Car #1 approaches the door, sees that it is dark inside (I like working in the dark, it's peaceful and quiet and not an indication that I'm in a deep depression at all), reads the "Modified Hours" sign, and pulls on the door (Take a Chance, who knows right?) only to find it will not yield. He follows the standard routine that everyone faced with this impenetrable barrier has performed before him: Pull on the door again (maybe you did't pull hard enough?); Push your face up against the glass to see if others have somehow defeated the "Door of Lockedness"; Knock Loudly to alert someone that they forgot to disable the "DOL"; and finally, in a confused sense of resignation, return to your vehicle determined to try again (hopefully guided by the Hours Sign that informs you when your attempt should succeed). Man from Car #1 departs. Man from Car #2 exits his car and approaches the door... And repeats everything that Man from Car #1 has just performed. ??? Confused, I watch wondering what might be the reasoning? Maybe Man from Car #1 did something wrong? Pushed instead of Pulled? Didn't Knock loudly enough? Maybe the store opened in the 1 minute since his departure?

Maybe I just don't recognize someone who possesses the Blind Optimism that has carried them through their lives! I envy you Man from Car #2! I wish I had your outlook on life, but instead I continue to work in the dark, alone, watching in silence while others live their lives. A quick note in case anyone was wondering, I did not approach the 2 gentlemen when they took their turns at defeating the "DOL", not because I was being rude, but because I have learned that if they see me, it only adds to the confusion and I end up trying to have a loud conversation with the "DOL" between us to explain what they have already discovered and that just makes everyone even more annoyed and who want's that?

2. With May coming to a close(Finally! You Suck May!) and many of the limitations that the Pandemic(You Suck Too Pandemic!) has created beginning to ease, I think that it is time to expand the 4 hour window that we are currently open. I am deeply concerned that with everyone venturing out more and more, things could begin to get worse. I hope that is not the case and that everyone makes good choices and takes the prescribed precautions (Wear a Mask/Keep Your Distance/Only Cough at Home), but experience tells me that may not be the case.

Computer Greeks will continue to maintain our current procedures to ensure our store is as safe as possible. We will still limit the number of customers in the store to 2 at one time, sanitize all surfaces throughout the day, wear life vests when it rains, and require properly worn masks from anyone who wants to enter. For questions regarding this, please review previous editions of "Thoughts for Thursday"/"Thursday Thoughts" for all of the exciting details. I'll summarize quickly for those too busy to hunt for the previous posts: Masks Good- Wear Masks! You Don't Agree- Still Wear Masks! Simple, See?

So, beginning Monday June 1st, Computer Greeks will be open 2 Hours more each day: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 10am to 4pm Tues, Thur: 12pm to 6pm Sun: Closed

Hopefully, this will make the frantic nature of helping everyone with their repairs and purchases a bit less frantic. Trust me, we could all use a little less Franticness right now.

3. e-Recycling: For the past few months we have not been accepting e-Recycling to limit the need for people to come to our store and due to the limited availability of our Recycler to make a pick up. This will also change on Monday as we will allow some items to be dropped off again. For now, we will accept only Computer Related Items such as: Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Drives, Cables, etc. We will not be able to allow other items including Appliances and TVs until a later date. Not sure if what you have is "Computer Related" or not? Just call and we can offer clarification. Helpful Tip- your Microwave is not a Computer.

And Finally... I know that the last few months has been beyond difficult for many and even worse for some. I'm sure that we can all agree we are ready for better days and a return to "Normal", but don't let boredom and frustration and a desire for all of this insanity to be over cause us to make bad choices.

I mentioned early on when the "Lockdown" was announced that we may never know if we did "too much", but we will certainly know if we did "too little". Maybe we can start to see the Light at the End of the Tunnel- let's just make sure it's not a Train before we rush in.

Stay Well, Stay Safe Uncle Steve

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