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Thoughts for Thursday (05/26/2022)- Something Serious

I sat down this morning with every intent to pen a new and typically overdue "Thoughts for Thursday" for everyone. I usually try to keep my thoughts leaning toward the fun and entertatining side, even if the topics are a bit serious.

Unfortunately, with the events a few days ago of yet another in an insane history of school shootings, there is no chance that I would offer anything at this moment other than outrage and anger.

I normally try to avoid outright political discourse here, as I have no interest in completely offending any group of people and as I've said many times, I'm an idiot.

But were I to continue with this topic right now, I would be all kinds of offensive to all kinds of people and I really couldn't care less.

Quickly, and for the record- Here is the brief post from my Twitter Account (if you'd like to follow me (and you certainly should) you can find me @JustAGuy66 on Twitter.

From My Twitter: I'm not against gun ownership.

I'm against a system that allows the sale of weapons that can fire 120 rounds a minute to mentally ill people too young to legally drink with no background check because that might "infringe" on your constitutional right to commit mass murder.

As I said- it was brief, but hopefully to the point.

And to wrap up my very long non-post for now, here is a Video from former Chicago Bulls player and current Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr. He expresses these feelings far better than I can.

I'll try to find somehing less serious to post about soon.

Thank you for your time

Uncle Steve

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