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Thoughts for Thursday (03/04/2021)- Let's Take a Quick Look at the News

A Very Happy “Thoughts for Thursday” to All! It is amazing how fast a week goes by especially when you realize it was actually two weeks. The days seem to drag on but somehow, the weeks just fly by- very confusing times we live in.

In case anyone has forgotten- Computer Greeks is located at 12222 S. Harlem Ave on the west side of the street with the pretty sign and the piles of snow I don’t feel like shoveling right next to the empty beer bottle that no one wants to pick up. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm if you want to come by to chat or buy something or just pick up that one beer bottle.

Well, let’s see what thoughts I might have today…

In Covid News: As much as I’ve really tried not to make my “Thoughts” overly much about the pandemic, it obviously is a huge part of what all of our “Thoughts” are on Thursdays and the other six days of the week as well. The good news- things are getting better! Infections are down, deaths are down, vaccines are up, it looks like we might actually be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, thank God. Hopefully, it’s not another train.

So, what should we be doing right now? Opening up at 100% capacity and removing all the mask mandates would not be my first answer. Good job Texas and Mississippi!

They just announced vaccine supplies are ahead of schedule and there should be enough for all Americans by May! Two months ahead of their original goals. Fantastic! Keep up the good work for another few months and we can avoid going in the wrong direction. We’ve all lived with this insanity for a year, another couple of months isn’t the worst news we could hear, right? Yes? No? I’m an idiot? Ok, that’s not really a nice thing to say and isn’t really the point right now, but sure.

Texas had over 8,000 new infections on Monday. That is with the mask mandate and limited business occupancy which by all accounts has been working. Now, you tell everyone you don’t need to wear a mask and you can fill up the bars and restaurants to capacity and what do you think is going to happen?

If you said things will get worse, you could be smarter than a 5th grader, although I’m pretty sure the average 5th grader would have gotten that one correct as well.

I know this is getting old and no one wants to continue any longer than necessary, but this would be the definition of premature. Someone posted that in their area, deaths went down from 2500 to 250 in the last month, so it’s time to open back up. I would ask the 250 what they think, but I haven’t heard back from any of them yet.

Moving on to something (anything) in lighter news…

An Alabama woman was charged with a felony after she stole a neighbor’s goat, painted the animal and posted pictures on social media. Seriously, so this is a crime now? When did that law get added? Sheesh.

The California Medical Board is investigating after a plastic surgeon attended a livestreamed traffic court appearance while in the middle of surgery. Now multitasking is illegal? Damn, take me away, I’m guilty too.

Three breweries began aging 185 gallons of artisanal beer on the ocean floor several months ago. They were shocked to discover that the barrels of brew had been stolen by a team of divers. Argentinian police have been notified and are searching for the lager larcenists. Lager Larcenists sounds like an Indy Rock Band. On a completely unrelated note, contact me if you could use a few gallons of a my new “Computer Greeks IPA”. It is a bit salty with a “Fishy” finish, but I think it will be a big hit.

The University of Michigan Library was forced to close for two days after three venomous spiders were discovered in the basement. Show them where the copy of Charlotte’s Web is and they’ll be on their way.

Canadian foodies have complained that their country’s supply of butter is much harder and less spreadable than it’s been in previous years. Dubbing the controversy “Buttergate,” scientists are linking the margarine mystery to increased presence of palmitic oils in the product. This is what Canadians have to worry about? We have Covid and Riots and Shootings and Car-Jackings and Unemployment and they have “Buttergate”? I may need to move soon.

A wayward sheep found in a forest in Australia, got a hair cut to remove the 77 pounds of fleece he was carrying since he wandered off. I finally gave myself a “Pandemic Haircut” last week, so I know just how he feels.

A man in Arizona was arrested for falsely reporting to police that he had been kidnapped in an attempt to get out of going to work. Again, I know just how he feels.

Stay Safe and Stay Well!

Until next week (who am I kidding- maybe 2 weeks, we’ll see how it goes)

Uncle Steve

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