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Thoughts for Thursday (01/28/2021)- How's 2021 Going So Far?

A belated happy 2021 to everyone! I know January is almost over already and this is the first time I’ve posted my glorious “Thoughts for Thursday” in far too long.

In case anyone was worried about me, I’m doing fine- Thanks! I was just taking a well-deserved break from all things internet.

As always, Computer Greeks is available for all of your Tech Needs- open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm and located in beautiful downtown Palos Heights- some things never change, but let’s see if 2021 is off to a better start than 2020 left us…

I spent the last 30 days disconnected from all News and Social Media outlets to try to decompress from the overload that 2020 created and this is really the first chance I have had to catch up on what’s been going on in the world. So, as I write this, I will venture onto the online world and post my real-time reactions to what I see.

Now, when last I checked, President Trump was going to stay President even though a bunch of people voted and said they didn’t want him to. How did that work out?

Googling “Peaceful Presidential Transfer”- 0 results. That’s weird. Searching “President Biden”... Trump is gone? Biden moved into the White House? The country has moved on and there’s a new administration and things are moving forward? Awesome- I was worried that the outgoing President might fight the legitimate election results- it’s great to see that everything transitioned over without any lies, fear mongering, or violence of any k… holy $h!X! Trump banned from Twitter! Capitol Riots! Insurrection! A Second Impeachment! You can’t be serious! It’s only been a month! This is a lot of exclamation points at the end of every sentence!!!

Wow. Just, wow. Ok, this has to be the exception, right? They said 2021 was going to be different- I made it to the end of 2020 (barely) because they promised things would change when January rolled in. Alright, I’ll give 2021 a pass on this for now, but what’s going on with Covid- that must be all fixed, right?

Let’s, see- Googling “Covid19 all better”... And no. Not all better? But they have a vaccine, 3 of them actually. They were approved back in December before I shut down for a month, so I was sure it would all be fixed by now. Not all fixed? 90 Million Cases Worldwide? Slow production issues? Limited availability? New mutated strains of the virus? The UK, South Africa, and Brazil Variants? What the he11? We didn’t have enough flavors of Covid- we needed more variety? How many question marks can I type before I need a new keyboard??? What the heck 2021? You blew that one too?

There’s got to be some good news here- let’s see- Googling “2021 Top News Stories”… Indonesian Flight crashes after takeoff… Hong Kong protest lead to arrests… Stimulus payments delayed… Businesses shutting down… Tom Brady in the Super Bowl… Wait a minute. I searched 2021, but this is all old news!

This all makes sense now. I’m not seeing new news (gnu news?), this is just outdated stories because I haven’t been online in so long. I probably just need to clear my cookies (a browser fix that only high-level IT people understand).

Since I haven’t been online in over a month, my internet is probably just outdated because I haven’t been using it. Like when you shut off the water in your house- when you turn it back on, you get all of that black, sputtery water that has to work its way through the pipes before the good clean water shows up. That’s the problem. I need to let all of the black, sputtery internet clear out and then I’ll start seeing the nice clean internet with all of the good news and hope that 2021 was supposed to bring us. That must be it.

I’ll leave my internet on all night and see what awesome uplifting news stories will be there in the morning, that should fix it, right? Please? Help? Anyone?

I’m going back to bed. Wake me up when everything is all better.

Stay Well and Stay Safe… Uncle Steve

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