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Thoughts for Thursday (05/21/2020)- Thoughts on Free Stuff!

As another week trudges onward, if you have a few minutes I have some "Thursday Thoughts" I would like to share including some Virtual Gifts for all of you, but first- we are open today from 2pm to 6pm and Friday and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

I'm going to try to take the day off from discussing Masks and Locked Doors, but... This is still a bit of an issue. The incident last Tuesday of the mask-less customer who pounded on the aforementioned locked door at 1:30pm, when we open at 2pm and then spent several minutes yelling 'It's 1:30!" while I kept yelling back "We open at 2pm" and his repeated reply of "It's 1:30!" had me genuinely confused that maybe 1:30 came after 2pm and I forgot to unlock the door? I rechecked with the NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) and I was in fact correct, 1:30pm is still before 2pm. The NIST also told me this was the first time anyone had called with that question, so that was cool.

Ok, I didn't make it very far without discussing Masks and Locked Doors, but now I'm done. Probably.

Now, what I originally wanted to share today was my "Thoughts for Thursday" or "Thursday Thoughts" (Both are currently under trademark review) about how everyone is managing while trying to stay home and safe as much as possible. I know that I've been very fortunate to still have a job and a schedule that while dramatically modified, still approximates a version of my normal day. My wife and daughter are both working from home as their jobs switched to an online only workplace as many have and my son went to an "online only" version of his college which is a story for another time. I am also well aware that many others are not so fortunate and have seen their jobs suspended or terminated entirely and I have nothing but sympathy and respect for anyone having to go through that in their lives.

So, even with a weekly schedule that is still similar to my normal life, I still find myself stuck at home far more than usual with the added stress that every day I return from work, my wife requires that I be processed through a De-Covid19 routine that includes burning my clothes, a disinfectant spray, a shower of at least 105 degrees and a 3 page health questionnaire before I am allowed to return to normal home society. The point is, being home all the time is a challenge. Especially when you are home all the time with other people who are also home all the time and everyone is getting just a bit short tempered and fed up with all of this and with me even though anyone will tell you that I am a delight to be around.

So what do I do and what can I offer to you in the way of advice or suggestions that might make your time a little better? Probably nothing of deep insight or great importance but I'll give it a try just the same. Disclaimer: any suggestions or advice are being presented by someone who has already told you he is mostly an idiot and if you choose to follow any of his suggestions then that's on you just so we're clear.

Now, as mentioned, I am mostly an idiot- but the one area that is excluded from that is all things tech which if you remember, in these things I am a god! (A god not The God small g no protests please). So it is in this area I will offer some suggestions that may add to the quality of your day to day life.

I will make the assumption that if you are reading this you are a customer of Computer Greeks and as such probably own a computer of some sort. In addition, most of you will also have access to a Smart Phone or Tablet of the Android or iOS variety. It is on these devices that I will expect you can take advantage of my "Life Changing Lock-down Suggestions".

1: Make it Pretty! You turn on your computer and look at the same background day after day after day. Even your poor Windows computer is in lock-down! What can you do? In Windows 10 (if you're using Windows 7 you need to upgrade!), do the following: Right Click on an empty area of your desktop Left Click on "Personalize" Click on "Themes" on the left side Click on "Get more themes in Microsoft Store" Pick from a huge collection of amazing themed pictures that will run as a slideshow on your system. Click on "Get" and then wait for it to install. Add as many as you like and you can go back to the "Themes" section to see everything you've added and change to whatever you want when you want. Easy Peasy!

2: Entertain Me! The days of growing up with basically 6 or so options (2, 5, 7, 9 ,11, 32, and maybe 64) for your TV viewing are long gone, but even with 100+ channels plus Netflix and Hulu you might still be looking for something new to watch and wouldn't FREE be nice? It sure would! What can I suggest? PlutoTV It's amazing! I'm watching it now while I'm typing at you. 250+ channels of free TV plus 1000's of on-demand movies and TV shows for the low low price of $0. Watch it online (, add the app from the Android or iOS store, add it to your Roku or Fire devices, it is even included with your Comcast/Xfinity tv service (just say "Pluto TV" into your voice remote or type it into your search. The interface is great, the selection is pretty incredible including old stuff you haven't thought about for years but will suddenly find yourself binge watching. Fear Factor channel anyone? Yes, Please! There are ads, but who cares? Did I mention the $0 price?

3: Save Me Money! That's it- trust me. You'll be buying things you didn't realize you wanted in no time and saving a ton doing it. I check here everyday and always search for things before I make a purchase, but act fast. Once someone posts a deal here, everyone knows about it.

4: I'm a Gamer! Epic Games has several free to play games that you can consider, but it's their Free Game of the Week that I'm sharing with you. If you jump on it immediately, you can grab GTA V for PC while this weeks mystery game will be announced and available shortly. Free games that normally cost actual money? You bet. Note, you will need to have a computer capable of meeting the requirements for these games, but if you need to upgrade your existing system or replace it with something even more amazing, I know a place that can hook you up.

And finally, 5: Take a Virtual Trip!…/take-virtual-visit-national… Need to at least pretend you're out and about? You can visit a wide selection of our National Parks without leaving your home. So much to choose from, where should we go first?

There you have it. My expert suggestions that should change all of your lives. Your welcome.

If you have any issues with the info or instructions I've shared, please let me know and I'll do my best to help out. If you think this information is worth it, "Like" the Computer Greeks Facebook page. And let your Friends and Family know about us. You wouldn't want them to miss out on my "Thoughts for Thursday" would you?

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

Uncle Steve Computer Greeks

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