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Thoughts for Thursday (05/14/2020)- Thoughts on Masks

A quick mention about last week's "Thoughts for Thursday" which was notably absent- the simple explanation is that I "Thought it was Wednesday" when it was Thursday, so by the time I actually "Thought it was Thursday" it was actually Friday and "Thoughts for Friday" doesn't have the same ring to it and that just wouldn't have made sense. Got it? Awesome.

Today, my thoughts are mostly on revisiting comments I made a few weeks ago when I first mentioned that wearing masks/face coverings would be required to enter Computer Greeks (A wondrous land of myth and legend). Now that a few weeks have gone by, I realized that I should have been more descriptive in what I was hoping for in the actual manner of mask wearing.

For a moment (maybe longer than a moment), I will address what I realize is still a contentious issue over the Illinois Order that everyone wear a face mask in public. Keeping in mind that for 24 years as a business owner I have avoided wading into political arguments (not enough time, lose/lose situation, I'm an idiot who rarely should be listened to, etc.), I'll make an exception. I can usually see both sides of a situation and even though I may not agree with one side, it doesn't mean I can't understand why people would feel that way. Not so much here. This isn't the argument over how to reopen the country- that conversation has so many moving parts and technical scientific things with numbers and statistics and stuff and a graph or two that I'm not touching that with a disinfected 10 ft pole. This isn't even an argument over whether wearing a mask is safer than not wearing a mask (spoiler- yeah, it is. My dad was a doctor, he wore one all the time and I'm pretty sure if he showed up to your surgery without one you'd be pissed). In reality, this is a simple argument about being told to do something that some people don't want to do. That's it- right there, Plain and Simple. Wear a Mask! No! You can't make me! Yes we can! I won't do it! I'll protest! You're infringing on my Civil Rights! Do it or Else! Nuh-Uh! I'm an American! It's my Right! So many "!!!!!!", so much anger, so much drama. Wow.

Let's be realistic- no one likes being told what to do. No one wants to be made to do anything, but this happens everyday to all of us in our normal routine lives, especially if you're married.

Speed limit says 20 MPH- that's stupid, I can drive faster than that safely. Wear a seat belt or get a ticket- that's wrong, I don't like it, it's uncomfortable, It's my body- you can't tell me what to do! Don't Take Drugs, Don't Jaywalk, Don't Drink if You're Under 21, Don't Ice Skate in June or August! (That's an actual law- look it up). Everyday, all the time. Hopefully these laws are for the right reasons, hopefully they make sense, but regardless- we live with them.

With the masks, you're being asked to wear one. Don't want to wear one, no problem, wear one anyway. Don't like wearing one (me neither, it covers up my sweet stache), wear it just the same. It isn't going to protect me or make any difference! No problem, in that case- wear the mask, but the whole time you have it on, you can be mad about it and make angry faces or mouth bad words at me, I don't mind, as long as you wear it- Ok? Got it? Thanks. And a reminder, you're not wearing it so much to protect you, you're wearing it protect me, and everyone around you. You can put up with a little discomfort for all of us now can't you?

Now, onto the original "Thought for Thursday".

We are now all wearing a mask because Uncle Steve's words of wisdom have made complete sense and softened our angry hearts and the mask is actually kinda cool and I don't have to shave or brush my teeth or wear makeup to go out and this is really not a bad trade off so I may do this even after they say I don't need to. What's the problem then? It's the way many people are wearing them that is grinding my gears!

I had a customer who came in last week, properly wearing a nice medical mask, walk up to the counter and pull the mask away from her face to talk to me. I'm not making this up. A young woman walked in without her mask on. When told she needed a mask to come into the store, she assured me she had one with her. Not on, mind you, but she did have one so that was close I guess. A few days ago, 3 different people came in wearing masks under their noses. I can imagine this does make it easier to breathe while wearing one, but you might be defeating the purpose. A couple entered the store without any face coverings. We alerted them to the signage and need to wear a mask, they proceeded to pull their shirts up over their mouths. That's a big not gonna work for me with this one.

If you take a moment to glance up to the top of this Facebook page, you can see 4 examples of improper mask wearing techniques. The first 3 are common issues I can understand, no one came to my house to give me a tutorial on proper mask wearing methods and I imagine you may not have had a class in high school that prepared you for this day either. The 4th guy I have real concern for and hope someone is there to check on him very soon. I'll let you know if I get an update on his condition.

For any of you who are still with me this far into my "brief" dissertation, let me 'splain, no there is too much, let me sum up: Computer Greeks is Awesome and everyone should want to visit. To get in, 1: Door must be unlocked and 2: Mask must be worn PROPERLY! There you have it. 1000 words to add that one word to what you already knew. Feel cheated out of the last 10 minutes of your life? I don't blame you.

In closing (honestly, I'm about done here) Open today from 2pm to 6pm and tomorrow (Friday)from 10am to 2pm. Need Help? Call (708)636-3473 or Email ( anytime and we will get back to you. Hoping everyone is doing well! Uncle Steve

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