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Thoughts for Thursday (04/30/2020)- My Second Thoughts

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Here are my Thoughts for Thursday: Still keeping with our limited schedule, we are open today from 2pm to 6pm.

As I described last week, the locked door thing is still a thing so don't hurt yourselves pulling on the heavy metal rectangle with a handle, it won't move until 2pm today. Note that our clocks are synchronized with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and as such there can be no debate regarding what you think the time is if we do not agree. Our clocks have the final say including the one in my office that I haven't gotten around to setting ahead for daylight savings time yet. I need to stand on top of my desk to get to it and seriously, I could break a hip or something and so instead I just do the advanced calculations to compute the correct time which again is irrefutable.

Tomorrow is May 1st (I verified this with the NIST) the next day (Saturday) is May 2nd (More on this later). Beginning tomorrow, we will require anyone wanting to enter Computer Greeks to be wearing a Face Mask or Face Covering of some type. Calm down, I'm not finished.

I realize this is a point of contention for many people. Some believe that the coverage of the Pandemic is overblown and the media are promoting fear for the sake of ratings like that would ever happen. Those holding to this opinion feel that the Stay at Home Order and the limits placed on their personal freedom are an example of the government overstepping their power, again- as if our leaders would ever want that.

Others feel that the safeguards in place are reasonable and need to be enacted to provide all of us with the best possible outcome to a terrible situation.

I have spent the last 24 years as a business owner working hard to keep the ?#@! out of political arguments for 2 main reasons. 1- Because my opinion about most things isn't something anyone should live their lives by (with all things computers and tech being the obvious exception- in this area I am a god! (A god, not the God), and B- It's a Lose/Lose situation for my business. If I say I like Pizza with Ham and Pineapple on top (This is an example and may or may not be my actual opinion) I will offend all of those who detest such a lifestyle choice. If I claim Pizza with Ham and Pineapple on top is an abomination (again, an example) then I have a group of protesters outside my store because I chose to discriminate against someone based on their choice of toppings. So for the most part I keep quiet and stick to my job.

This is not the case in this instance and the choice we need to make seems clear, even for those who don't agree they are necessary. Early on during the initial spread of this nightmare, someone said something that stuck with me and I'm sure I'm not getting the quote exactly right but it was to the effect- We may never know if we overreacted with all of the restrictions and measures being put into place, but we will most certainly know if we did too little. There it is. Too Much vs Too Little. Which is worse. Staying home all the time sucks. Not having the freedom to go where you want how you want is no fun. Having a business that can't be open or is limited in what it can do is a nightmare both financially and for my blood pressure. I get it. I live it. Everyday, all day, and twice on Sundays. It's still the right thing to do for everyone. You're not wearing a mask for you, you're wearing it for me, and the others who work at Computer Greeks, and the grocery store and your family. It's an inconvenience, but one we can live with.

Eventually this will get better. We will tell stories to our kids and grandkids about 2020 that they will never believe and that will be something to look forward to. But we need to get there first.

So, to sum up: Need Mask - Mask Good - No Mask, No Entry even when the Big Metal Door is supposed to yield to your mighty pull. I have placed another necessary barrier in your way that I know you can overcome. I believe in you!

And finally, as I mentioned so long ago at the beginning of this "Thoughts for Thursday" message, May 2nd is the day after May 1st. It is also, My Birthday. I will be celebrating at home, wondering where all of the years have gone, worrying about my increasing weight and decreasing hairline, and spending most of the day being genuinely thankful for everything I have had in my life. My family (shout out!), friends, health, and this business and its amazing customers. I will be gratefully accepting all warm thoughts, well wishes, and monetary donations that can be sent to my PayPal or Venmo accounts.

Have a Great Day All! Stephen Georgiou Tech god (again, a god not the God, small g, please don't protest)

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