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Thoughts for Thursday (04/23/2020)- My Very First Thoughts

Here are my Thoughts for Thursday-

Open today from 2pm to 6pm Open tomorrow (Friday) from 10am to 2pm.

If you come to the store before or after these specific hours- the door will be locked and when you pull on it, it will wiggle a little but not open. Reading the sign with the hours posted on it, looking confused, and then pulling on the door again does not seem to be the secret method to unlocking it. It still just wiggles and refuses your entry. Strange, I know.

If you see us inside working tirelessly to sanitize the store, repair your computers, setup new equipment and generally get everything ready for the mad 4 hour rush of business- the door will still not magically open.

I will happily wave to you and make a gesture to the invisible watch on my wrist (does anyone wear one of those still?). At this point, pulling on the door for yet a 3rd time in case I didn't realize it was locked and refused your previous 2 attempts at entry might be worth a try. Alas, it remains steadfast in its refusal.

However, calling the store (708-636-3473) will often get an answer, even when the locked door impairs your progress. If not, an email ( will most certainly result in a response- as quickly as possible I assure you.

I apologize for any inconvenience, but not being open longer hours is understandably necessary at this time. If you see someone working when we are closed, do not think them rude for not allowing you in, the store is not ready to safely allow customers until we are prepared.

In addition, a couple of reminders that need to be noted:

1- We are not accepting recycling at this time. I know everyone is stuck at home and cleaning out their junk, but if you don't really need to come in, I don't want to see you. Your 20 year old TV can wait a little longer to journey to its final resting place.

2- We are limiting the number of customers in the store at one time to 2 (during the times the locked door has been disabled), so understand if you are asked to wait outside until others depart. You can't social distance properly with lots of people, that's too much social and not enough distance.

Thank you for your understanding and have a great day. The Computer Greeks Team

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